Hi, I am Niharika Gupta.

I am a design adventurer and a creative artist, always looking for opportunities to try something new. My true passion lies in designing innovative and interactive scrapbook albums. I sincerely love the process, and I love the product.

My journey¬†from a stay at home mom to an entrepreneur, has not only been exhilarating but also onerous. ‘Niharika Expressions’, today a brand by its own right, is like my brainchild that was conceived in an attempt to find my place in the world through my artistic expression.

Though I never imagined being a designer professionally, I was passionate about crafts since childhood. While trying to find a way to sooth my creative soul, I learnt to believe in my dreams.

Scrapbooking is one of the most fun projects to me in the world, and the key is to find your own way to do it. While I started with simple handmade cards, it grew with one technique at a time to make my entire scrapbook album, memorabilia for a lifetime. It is an extremely delightful experience, making something memorable for my clients and an amazing feeling of atonement to inspire many crafters with my work. When I make something, and finish creating it, I feel like I have left a part of me in it, while pretending to be the person who is getting the gift made. It feels amazing when the exact emotions or thoughts intended for the person receiving it, is conveyed in my work.

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