Dreamer of Dreams Album


Like a butterfly emerges and unfolds its graceful wings..
A child grows and develops with the love a mother brings..
I am thankful for the times when you are determined to TRY..
For God gave you your wings to FLY ..!!

Hi Everyone,

Have you been in a similar situation, where you wish to design a scrapbook album picking up a small theme, but you wonder how you can do it in the most unique way? Well I was there when I decided to make this Treasure Box Album in “Butterfly theme” for her. I am so happy that I could make these pop up butterflies, which actually made them fly in the album.
This album has pictures of Ahaana, from her birth till her 12th birthday. Few of her milestones, vacations, birthdays, school events, parties etc. It’s been 4 years now that my little angel is going to school and while making this scrapbook, I imagined her doing similar things in next six years or so, it really felt all the more special. Its always a pleasure to give yourself a test and make somethings different . I hope you find it inspiring.

Happy crafting guys, & thanks for stopping by. Do leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

Love, Niharika

February 13, 2018

24 responses on "Dreamer of Dreams Album"

  1. Loved the fluttering butterflies idea!

  2. A little treasure box.. I wish i had all my childhood pics for dis album.. Amazing creation wid beautiful ideas.


  4. I love this kind of box album … its looks so good !!! Love it 💕

  5. Amazing work! Loved every bit of it…❤️

  6. Beautiful as always
    All ur creations are masterpieces. And this Dreamer of Dreams Album is waooo. The color combination, the butterfly❤️ Just waooo

  7. Your work is wonderful 😍😍

  8. Amazing loved it completely

  9. Its looks so good !!! Love this album!!!

  10. Beautiful work again…ur work is very neat,and love ur colour compositions.

  11. I liked this theme

  12. This one is my favorite from all.

  13. Very creative album

  14. Perfectly goes with the name “Dreamer of dreams “.
    Again a beautiful piece of of art made by you. Loved the concept.

  15. Lovely butterfly and box 😍

  16. I just loved this
    The idea of butterfly as opening is just waaoo.. the colors and arrangement is just awssmmm❤️

  17. Again I cm across a masterpiece…. lovely…papers flowers embelishments every thing has been used so beautifully

  18. Lovely

  19. The biggest asset u have is you can create wonderful themes from no wer. with jus no content you have come out with such beautiful concept and pop up butterflies that pops up like ur ideas..Awesome

  20. Yet another masterpiece…!!!

  21. Beautiful album..love the fluttering butterflies…..

  22. Loved this album

  23. everything about this album is beautiful. Love love the memory box

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