Forever in My Heart Album


Close together or far apart, you are always on my mind and forever in my heart.
Hi, welcome to my blog. I am here with one more album. Mostly these albums are made on orders from customers, and I have conveniently named this shape of my album as “Now & Forever Album” so that its easier for my clients to refer this design to me while placing their order. And this is my third album in this design, that I made for a very creative lady herself. She wanted to document her married life in this album from the day she met her husband till now when they are blessed with a beautiful daughter.
I hope she liked it as much as I did. 😊

Thanks for visiting, you can leave your questions, if any, or just say “hi” if you liked it, in the comments section below. It will be a pleasure to get connected.

Love, Niharika

26 responses on "Forever in My Heart Album"

  1. Love the front cover of this … beautifully done

  2. beautiful.

  3. Noo words to describe your creations

  4. Amazing work!! There is always something new to learn with your creativity..and d way you design covers!
    Cover itself tells d complete story of your Hardwork!❤️😊

  5. A beautiful album !!! The arrangements of the cover looks awesome 👏

  6. Love the combination of paper packs you choose..

  7. There is no such thing as perfection in every way but yes there is love and passion & that I see in your work ❤️
    I wonder you ever going to pass on the knowledge to people like me who would die to learn this 😍

  8. Love ur work!! Beautifully done!!💖

  9. Awesome collection

  10. Words are not enough to describe your work. Its stunning, gorgeous album.

  11. I like what colour combinations u select in each scrapbooks

  12. Gorgeous work 🙂

  13. Lovely theme love it❤️

  14. Such an amazing album.
    Love the cover and embellishments.

  15. Beautiful album,absolutely love ur work for its neatness and the finishing,so well made😊😍

  16. It’s gorgeous…..

  17. It’s so lovely…love the color combination

  18. Again a lovely piece of work I cme across

  19. I’m short of words now
    Cant describe the beauty of the album
    U have put the life in everything
    Me waiting so eagerly when u will come up with the tutorials.. so dying to learn from you❤️

  20. Simply adorable….

  21. Dr Monika Tripathi ShuklaJanuary 31, 2018 at 12:47 amReply

    Wow!!! This is so stunning and inspiring!! There is always something unique and creative!! I am so glad to know about you my Dear, I would like to learn a lot from your work!!! I really wish that you always inspire all of us my Dear!! Blessings and hugs for this great start!! Stay blessed and do create more beyond the imagination!!! I want to say thanks for organizing such an awesome and thoughtful giveaway to win!! Looking forward to win something, finger crossed!!!

  22. Your creativity is amazing, color combinations to tiny pieces put together.

  23. Beautiful album…love the details added to it…

  24. Loved the cover! Beautiful album 🙂

  25. I am totally in love with all your works…

  26. I have been going through your albums. I found your website and fb page through a craft page ,entered your competition, but whether I win or not I love this album. Recently lost both my parents (5 weeks within one another). True love. Now and forever.This album would be wonderful to keep their memories alive. Truly inspiring. Thank you so much.

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